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Everything Can Change in an Instant

"The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry." -Robert Burns

Or women. The best-laid plans of women... I am always making lists and plans and combing over the calender three months out. I design our garden like a software engineer: Garden 1.0.2017. Garden 2.0.2017. Garden 2.0.2018, so on and so forth. I have five year and ten year goals. To say that I enjoy daydreaming is an understatement. With my love for daydreaming and my skill as an activator (see: StrengthFinders) I am a goal-setter and a go-getter.

But even I can be completely derailed. This day, last year, I was in a hospital bed in Baltimore. I had a major surgery to remove cancer from my body. I had never been to a hospital before and I ended up staying for three days. I wore my favorite Wonder Woman t-shirt to feign bravery, but the reality is that I was terrified at all of the treatment that would take up nearly an entire year. My surgery recovery was nearly two months, then I saw a specialist in Boston and went under again to have a port put in my chest. Then weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of chemo. I ended the year with a bit of targeted radiation.

And now, it's been a year. I have a sassy, short haircut and I'm back to designing Garden 2.0.2018. I am working in the studio, but intentional than before. Life is hard and unpredictable, so I try to hang onto the everyday beauties in life: my husband, my daughter, art, the garden. It sounds so cliche, but each day is truly a gift. I'm glad to still be here.

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