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Women's World Daily: Claire McCardell

Women's World Daily picked up our story about the Claire McCardell Statue in their online e-zine!

(Photo credit: John M. Woody)

"Sculptor Sarah Hempel Irani plans to present a scale model for what will be a bronze statue at the Oct. 11 launch party in her studio. The sculpture is expected to take 18 months to create from start-to-finish, barring any fund-raising or administrative red tape. The sculptor started with a photo of McCardell retrieved from the archives of Hood College, where the designer studied before spending a year in Paris and enrolling at Parsons. Irani hired a model, dressed her like McCardell and photographed her in multiple poses to try to get a likeness. “There’s a little bit of magic there from my point of view, trying to capture Claire. She’s not someone I have access to. I can’t meet here. I can just learn about her and look at pictures of her,” Irani said. “But I chose a dress that has two very big front pockets, because I want it to really shout, ‘This dress has pockets.’ It also has a lapel collar that she has kind of popped up..."

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